It;s time to take your makeup bag into the next generation! PHB's 100% Plant Powered Cosmetics will make you look beautiful whilst caring for your skin. The natural & organic formulas will support your skins functions without using toxic chemicals or causing harm to animals & the environment. Not only will you look amazing, you'll feel great too because 20% of profits are donated to projects that help improve the lives of peoples and animals around the world. 

What makes PHB's makeup different to other brands? Our  makeup range is like skincare in disguise. 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. Our products are formulated with skin healing ingredients that allow skin to breathe. They're perfect for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. We provide shades to cater for all skin types. Our ingredients are always ethically sourced. 

Natural & Organic •  Paraben free  •  Great for sensitive skin  •  Handmade in Canada •  Noticeable results •  100% Vegan  •  No Animal Testing  •  Certified Halal •  Gluten Free

RAISE AWARENESS: The Minerals in our makeup are sourced ethically, without the use of child labour. We source our minerals from India and Brazil. In India the mine owners help fund schools and daycare centres to provide a fair quality of life for their employees.

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 Colour Correctors -50%
 Foundation Brush -20%

Foundation Brush


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 Concealer Brush -20%

Concealer Brush


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 Powder Brush -20%